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Fall Gospel Meetings

Fall Gospel Meeting 2019; by Ernest Sprinkle

What are the Differences Among Churches of Christ?

Sunday 29 September 2019

Bible Class 9AM
1.  Introduction and History of the Problems

(Audio Recording)

Sunday Morning Services 10AM
2. Events From 1960’s to Present Time

(Audio Recording)

Sunday Evening Services 5PM
3. The All Sufficiency of the Church

(Audio Recording)

Monday Evening Services 30 September 2019 7PM
4. Establishing Scriptural Authority

(Audio Recording)

Tuesday Evening Services 1 October 2019 7PM
5. The Relationship of Institutions to the Church

(Audio Recording)

Wednesday Evening Services 2 October 2019 7PM
6. The Work of the Church According to the Scriptures

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Time for a Check-up 2018; By Bryan Nash 10-27/28-2018

Time for a Check-up: Examining Our Spiritual Health


Saturday October 27th 2018

10.00 AM:     The Mind    (Philippians 4:8)

(Audio Recording)

11:00 AM:     The Eyes     (Luke 10:25-37)

(Audio Recording)

Sunday October 28th 2018

9:00 AM:     The Mouth     (Ephesians 4:22-5:7)

(Audio Recording)

10:00 AM:     The Feet     (Ephesians 6:10-17)

(Audio Recording)

5:00 PM:     The Heart     (Matthew 5:1-20)

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2017 Fall (October) Gospel Meeting

2017 Fall (October) Gospel Meeting


(Audio Recording – Bible Study – The Unity of the Spirit)

The Unity of the Spirit (PowerPoint)

(Audio Recording – AM Services – Empathy)

Empathy (PowerPoint)

(Audio Recording – PM Services – The Unstoppable Church)

The Unstoppable Church (PowerPoint)

(Audio Recording – PM Services – Thanks Be to God)

Thanks Be to God (PowerPoint)

(Audio Recording – PM Services – Greater Love Hath No Man)

>Greater Love Hath No Man (PowerPoint)

(Audio Recording – PM Services – The Seeds of Peace)

The Seeds of Peace (PowerPoint)


2016 Fall (October) Gospel Meeting


(Audio Recording)

Committed To Christ (PowerPoint)

(Audio Recording)

The Good Shepherd (PowerPoint)

(Audio Recording)

Be Transformed (PowerPoint)

(Audio Recording)

A Living Hope (PowerPoint)

(Audio Recording)

Living for a Future (PowerPoint)

(Audio Recording)

Trusting the Father (PowerPoint)

2016 August Gospel Meeting


With Guy Roberson August 7th thru 11th, 2016

Sunday Morning 8-7-2016 0900 AM – Are You Confused About Making Godly Decisions

(Audio Recording)

Are You Confused About Making Godly Decisions (PowerPoint)

Sunday Morning 8-7-2015 1000 AM – Decisions Determine Your Destiny

(Audio Recording)

Decisions Determine Destiny (PowerPoint)

Sunday Evening 8-7-2016 5:00 PM – Unmasking Sin’s Deception

(Audio Recording)

Unmasking Sin’s Deception (PowerPoint)

Monday Evening 8-8-2015 7:00 PM – The King’s Terrifying Dream

(Audio Recording)

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream (PowerPoint)

Tuesday Evening 8-9-2016 7:00 PM – The Death of Jesus

(Audio Recording)

The Death of Jesus (PowerPoint)

Wednesday Evening 8-10-2016 7:00 PM – There is a Great Day Coming

(Audio Recording)

There Is A Great Day Coming (PowerPoint)

Thursday Evening 8-11-2016 7:00PM – The Unsearchable Riches of Christ

(Audio Recording)

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ (PowerPoint)

Fall Gospel Meeting 2015

Gospel Meeting

John McPherson 10-4-2015 thru 10-7-2015

Sunday Morning 10-04-2015 0900 AM  “Give Me The Bible”

(Audio Recording)

Give Me The Bible (PowerPoint)

Sunday Morning 10-04-2015 1000 AM “Of Christ”

(Audio Recording)

Of Christ (PowerPoint)

Sunday Evening 10-04-2015 5:00 PM “Monday Morning Faith”

(Audio Recording)

Monday Morning Faith (PowerPoint)

Monday Evening 10-05-2015 7:00 PM “Great Questions In Paul’s Conversion”

(Audio Recording)

Great Questions In Paul’s Conversion (PowerPoint)

Tuesday Evening 10-06-2015 7:00 PM “Judges – No King In Israel”

(Audio Recording)

Judges – No King In Israel (PowerPoint)

Wednesday Evening 10-07-2015 7:00 “Is Only One Church Right?”

(Audio Recording)

Is Only One Church Right (PowerPoint)

2014 Fall Gospel Meeting

2014 Fall Gospel Meeting  –  10-5-2014 thru 10-8-2014 by Ben Shropshire

Sunday  5 Oct 2014     9:00AM    Descriptive Designations

Descriptive Designations (PowerPoint)

Sunday 5 Oct 2014     10:00AM     Three Gardens and Three Trees

Three Gardens and Three Trees (PowerPoint)

Sunday 5 Oct 2014     5:00 PM    Monuments to the Resurrection

Monuments to the Resurrection (PowerPoint)

Monday 6 Oct 2014     7:00 PM “How to be Successful…in the Christian Life”

How to be Successful in the Christian Life (PowerPoint)

Tuesday 7 Oct 2014 7:00 PM “Am I God’s Friend?”

Am I God’s Friend? (PowerPoint)

Wednesday 8 Oct 2014 7:00 PM “Religion, Divinely Revealed or Humanly Devised?” –

Religion, Divinely Revealed or Humanly Devised (PowerPoint)