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John McPherson

Fall Gospel Meeting 2015

Gospel Meeting

John McPherson 10-4-2015 thru 10-7-2015

Sunday Morning 10-04-2015 0900 AM  “Give Me The Bible”

(Audio Recording)

Give Me The Bible (PowerPoint)

Sunday Morning 10-04-2015 1000 AM “Of Christ”

(Audio Recording)

Of Christ (PowerPoint)

Sunday Evening 10-04-2015 5:00 PM “Monday Morning Faith”

(Audio Recording)

Monday Morning Faith (PowerPoint)

Monday Evening 10-05-2015 7:00 PM “Great Questions In Paul’s Conversion”

(Audio Recording)

Great Questions In Paul’s Conversion (PowerPoint)

Tuesday Evening 10-06-2015 7:00 PM “Judges – No King In Israel”

(Audio Recording)

Judges – No King In Israel (PowerPoint)

Wednesday Evening 10-07-2015 7:00 “Is Only One Church Right?”

(Audio Recording)

Is Only One Church Right (PowerPoint)