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2014 Fall Gospel Meeting

2014 Fall Gospel Meeting  –  10-5-2014 thru 10-8-2014 by Ben Shropshire

Sunday  5 Oct 2014     9:00AM    Descriptive Designations

Descriptive Designations (PowerPoint)

Sunday 5 Oct 2014     10:00AM     Three Gardens and Three Trees

Three Gardens and Three Trees (PowerPoint)

Sunday 5 Oct 2014     5:00 PM    Monuments to the Resurrection

Monuments to the Resurrection (PowerPoint)

Monday 6 Oct 2014     7:00 PM “How to be Successful…in the Christian Life”

How to be Successful in the Christian Life (PowerPoint)

Tuesday 7 Oct 2014 7:00 PM “Am I God’s Friend?”

Am I God’s Friend? (PowerPoint)

Wednesday 8 Oct 2014 7:00 PM “Religion, Divinely Revealed or Humanly Devised?” –

Religion, Divinely Revealed or Humanly Devised (PowerPoint)